Long Walks, Blog Hops and Thanks

Hey all!!! First I want to thank everyone who commented and told me not to beat myself up over one bad day, the sentiment was much appreciated and helped me realize that one bad day does not have to spoil a whole week. In fact I think it's made me make an extra effort to do even better this week both with eating and working out. Thanks also to Karen @ muffin fixation for pimping me out and attempting to get me some more followers. I'm slowly working my way up and am anxious to do a giveaway.
I've been able to get in some great long walks with my son this week. My daughter started day camp and since my son is still in a stroller we can walk much further and faster without her than with her. I believe that at this point we've already clocked 16 milestotal for MTW. Tomorrow will possibly be a day off from working out as I'm headed to the beach with Theresa from Always a Bridesmaid since my son will be spending the day with my mother in law. I'll try to get a walk in tomorrow night with the kids but it most likely will be a short one. I think at this point my legs will be thanking me for a night off.
The scale has been working its way back down to the area of my last weigh in and I'm hoping that I can still pull off some kind of loss on Sunday for my weekly weigh in. I'm still aiming for 174 by July 16th and that will be tougher to do with no loss this week.

Last but not least I'm joining in on the Fat to Fit Blog Hop this week. Come on and join the party :)


Annie Robertson said...
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Annie Robertson said...

Thank you so much for sharing it.
The best moment is about 30 minutes after waking up in the morning, to avoid weight variations during the day due to diet, digestion and physical activity.

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Myzdamena's World said...

Woohoo a good week!

.... I did nothing wrong this week and put weight on.... sometimes it just happens I guess....

Great that you can get walking too.. really wish I could do more I love being out in the open air!

Take care and well done!

Gail xx

karen said...

Enjoy all the walking time! I desperately miss John being in a stroller sometimes because I was able to do so much more walking. The wagon we've got for him now is a bit cumbersome for some of the major walks we used to take with the stroller and his little legs wouldn't be able to handle it without the wagon for backup. Luckily he is able and willing to do quite a bit without the stroller or wagon now ... but it's still a far cry than what I used to do.

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