Some housekeeping

So I've been a bit lax everywhere, not just with my exercise. I've neglected alot of things over the holidays and I'm ready to get back in action. The first thing I have to do that I should have done is thank Lyndsay, my awesome swap partner for all the great gifts. I loved everything especially the mug, the mittens/scarf (orange, my fav :D) and of course I can't leave out the Panera gift card. She also made me an ornament that earned a special place at the top of the tree. Lyndsay did a great job shopping for me, the swap was alot of fun and I wish I just didn't get so overwhelmed by the holidays so I could have been better about posting about it. Thanks again Lyndsay!!

Ok next up, weigh in - my camera's broken on my phone so I have no picture but the scale was at 167.6. Thats's -1.8 from last week. I'll take it. I've been playing around with the same 5 lbs for so long I can't wait to get past my lowest weight so far, which was 164.4 way back on Halloween. Breaking through to 163 will make me merely "overweight" I'm not sure why that hasn't been enough of a incentive all along. Eh so be it, moving forward.....
Ok, next on the list is New Years Resolutions/Goals, I only have 4 for now, but I'm sure that will change as time progresses.
1. Walk/Run/Bike a total of 1000 miles. I only did 250 last year and I think if I had kept up the momentum I had during the summer I could have easily done at least 3 times that. I'm at 6 miles as of today and I already feel better for getting moving again.
2. I want to lose 32 lbs this year. To some that may not seem like much, but I have no recollection of being under 136lbs in my life. I can remember weighing 136 at my 7th grade physical.....twenty years ago. Strangely enough 136 would make my bmi 24.9, just into the normal range. So there you have it 32 lbs in 12 months, should be reasonable enough to handle, right?
3. This ones not a health goal, at least a physical health one. I want to work on being less judgemental of people. It's a learned trait, from my mother, though she would never admit that to anyone. It's something I need to work on because I don't want to pass it on to my daughter and continue the cycle of passing judgement. I guess recognizing I have this issue is the first step.
4. This is a financial goal. I want to cut out 25% percent of our debt this year. This is going to take alot of work and adjustments to my behaviors. No more unnecessary trips to Target, where I go in for milk and leave $100 lighter. I'm following Dave Ramsey's plan and think I really can do this.