Summer Slimmin Check In Week 3

I've had a pretty busy week with preparing for my brother and his family's arrival from Germany where he's been based in the Army for the last 3 years. I did miss some exercise days because I was a bit lazy but am not too worried about it as I know I'll be back on the wagon with that this week.

As far as my challenges go, drinking water didn't go so well this week, I wasn't actively thinking about drinking water therefore I didn't drink too much. I did track my food everyday religiously. I love having an app on my phone for it. It makes it sooooo much easier.

Losing weight was pretty good as evidenced here:

Thats a 2.4 loss from last week and I got to says goooooood bye to the 180's. I'm looking forward to hopefully welcoming the 160's hopefully before the end of this challenge
Exercise - I ended up with 255 minutes of activity. I know I could have upped that a bit more but just wasn't feeling into it this week.

Looking ahead, my daughter starts day camp this week, which leaves me and my little guy home together all day and ensures we can get in some nice long walks this week. I think we'll probably log a solid hour a day at least and I have at least two gym trips planned this week so hopefully I'll see a solid loss next week even though TOM is on its way. I have a mini goal in my mind of 174 by July 16th and I still think thats entirely possible. And of course my goal for this challenge was 19 lbs to be down to 163 which is probably stretching it a bit but thats why it's a challenge right?


The Better Idiot said...

Well done getting into the 170s! Do you log your water as well as your food? I use sparkpeople and it has a water log on the journal, so that reminds me.

Weijourn said...

That will be nice to see your brother and his family. Good job on your weight loss. I have trouble with my water too. I know I'm drinking more when it's warm out but I don't drink as much as I should.

Traci said...

Great job!!!!!!

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