Summer Slimmin Challenge Week 2 Check-In

Here's a quick check in on my progress for the Summer Slimmin Challenge

Goal # 1. Weight Loss ------- Check - Down 1.8lbs from last week. This probably would have been a little more but we celebrated hubby's b-day at the casino last night and had a late night snack of California Pizza Kitchen.
Goal # 2. 45 Minutes of Exercise 6 days a week ----- Almost a Check :) I got a total of 340 minutes of exercise this week but some days I didn't get the full 45 minutes. Though I am proud that I made it to the gym 4 times this week. And am aiming for 5 next week.
Goal # 3 Tracking Food - Check - Did this every day even on Friday and Saturday when I went over.
Goal # 4 - Water - Almost a Check - I was aiming for 100 oz. a day. I didn't hit that everyday but never had a day that was less than 72 oz. So this was still pretty good.
I hope to have another decent weight loss next week and get into the 170's.


The Better Idiot said...

I would give yourself a chack for water if I were you. The guidline is 8 8oz glases, which is 64oz, so give yourself some credit! You did great ont he exercise too!

Lanine said...

New Follower from Fat to Fit

If you get a chance come by a see my blog.

Miss E said...

Check, check, check, and check - good job, keep it up! Come and check out the Funky 5 Meme I tagged you for, hope you enjoy it!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Wow. That's a really god week and a lot of exercise. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Wishing you another great week.

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