Weekly Weigh In - Contest Reminder

Looks like I survived the Thanksgiving weekend unscathed, woooohooo!

Please excuse the tremendous need for a pedicure. I'm down 2.2lbs from last week and finally feel as though I'm back on the right track. I'm planning on hitting the gym during my sons nap time today and trying to get some running time in on the treadmill.

As fars as my goals for the past week go, I haven't done great on any of them but apparently I'm doing well enough.


Small Victories

Yesterday I competed in my first race. Now I'm not a runner at all and fully intended on walking the whole race, but when I arrived at the race in all my excitiement I set a goal for myself to complete the race in less than one hour. The course is 4.748 miles. I knew this meant that I was going to have to do some running to hit my goal. The race was capped at 15,000 entries, including walkers but not including the unregistered participants. If you've never seen a large race like that, it's certainly something to behold.

The starting gun fired at 10:00am, then all the runners started, approximately 15 minutes later they released the walkers mall to start their race, thats where I was. So I began the race at 10:15 or so, possibly a minute later as I was not in the front of the walkers mall area.

I almost immediatly started jogging due to my frustration of not being able to walk as fast as I'm used to due to the throngs of people. I figured if I could get away from the huge group of walkers I would have a bit more free space to move. At about the 1st mile marker the course started to go uphill. I inmy infinate wisdom didn't thing about driving the course ahead of time to see how it was laid out, I walked the uphill part of the course, and proceeded to jog/run the downhill area and the majority of the rest of the course with some short fast walking breaks.
As I hit the fourth mile marker, I realized that if I hustled I could finish the race and meet my goal of an hour to finish. I ran the last three quarters of a mile. I didn't realize I could run that far without a break. I finished the race with a time of 74:14:48 gun time. When you minus out the fact that I started 15 minutes in that gives me a a net time of 59:14:48 - I couldn't have come much closer to the wire, but I met my goal and my mile average was 12:35 - this experience showed me what I am actually capable of. Now as sore as my legs are today, I want to be a runner. Something I never thought I could do or wanted to do. I can't wait till my next race :)
Oh and btw, I burned 608 calories during the run, not bad for an hours worth of exercise.


Another good start

I'm on day 2 of my personal challenge to get back on track and get my butt in gear. Day 1 went well though my calories were much higher than I'd have liked resulting in a deficit of only 525 calories, but that was mostly due to having such a large breakfast and not compensating for the calories in the afternoon. I did manage to get in at least 80oz of water to thats a score for me. The scale is starting to slowly move in the right direction again and I'm hoping even with Thanksgiving and my daughters birthday parties this week I can squeak out a 2 lb loss this week.
This morning has started out very well with me and my lil guy walking 4.87 miles in an hour and fifteen minutes this morning. Unfortunatly I wasn't wearing my bugg since it was charging so I had to estimate a calorie burn for it. I'm planning on soup and a sandwich for lunch and actually only had coffee for breakfast but am thinking of sharing an english muffin with peanut butter and banana with my son after finishing this post. It will be a nice healthy yet sweet treat.

Personal Challenge Starting Weigh-In

Ok so the scale was a bit unkind this morning and was a bit higher than I would have hoped so my starting weight for my personal challenge/public contest is


This picture annoyed me when I pulled it up to post here because sitting right above it was my weigh in from 9/24 of 167.6 - so for the past couple months I have made no progress. I think that just stinks. On the other hand I guess maintaining a 25 lb weight loss is good, but I know I can do better.

I went out for breakfast at a local coffee shop this morning with a couple new friends and tried to be fairly good in my ordering. I ended up with a spanish omelet, wheat toast and home fries, water and about 3-4 mugs of coffee. It was yummy, very yummy and I finished all but 1/2 a slice of toast. The portions were not huge like at chain restaurants and it s 4 hours later and I'm still full, so I'll probably just have a light lunch later.

When I got home from the coffee shop I took my 2 year old for a 1.7 mile walk which took just under a half hour to complete. Its just about time for him to go down for nap and I'm going to run out to the store quickly so I can make it back in time to get another couple miles in before I have to pick my daughter up at school because if I don't get the exercise in before she gets out it won't happen today at all.


Feeling Weak - and a giveaway!!

I'm not sure why I just can't kick myself back into gear. I don't know if its because I've hit a comfort level with my current size now that I'm wearing jeans that I haven't fit in since I met my husband or if its just laziness or what. I just can't seem to get back on track with my eating or my exercising. I'm maintaining for the most part still floating around 166.5 which is about 2 lbs up from my low, but seems to be a comfortable resting spot for me. I'm annoyed by my lack of motivation and need something to get me back moving and eating right.
We had our first Thanksgiving dinner this year at my in laws today and while I don't think I overdid it I certainly didn't make the best choices I could have, including the two smores I just ate about 15 minutes ago with my kids. I mean really s'mores? What made me think it was a good idea to make those? Ughh I annoy myself.
The one positive thing I have done recently is signed up for a local race on Thanksgiving. It's just about 5 miles and while I'm only walking it, it should at least help to offset any Thanksgiving indulging. We also have my daughters fifth birthday parties this upcoming weekend. This consists of both a party with her friends at the local bowling alley early Sunday afternoon and a family party Sunday evening, two meals, two cakes - not awesome. I know that even if I continued to not pay too much attention to my eating and just started exercising I would start losing weight, albeit very slowly, but I also know myself well enough to know it has to be all or nothing. I'm either going to watch what I eat and exercise and lose weight at a noiceable rate or I won't have the motivation to exercise.
That being said, this is the plan:
1. Exercise at least 1 hour 4x weekly, either walking/jogging or playing Just Dance on the Wii.
2. Track all food that even touches my lips - aiming for a maximum of 1600 calories a day.
3. Drink at least 80oz. of water daily, eventually upping that to 100oz, once I get back into the water habit.
4. I will post daily - even if its just a check in on my mood for that day - just to stay i the habit and stay accountable.
5. Weigh In Weekly on Mondays - starting tomorrow 11/22/10. Lose 8 lbs from tomorrows weigh in by 12/31/10.

And since I need all the support I can get on this I'm going to set a challenge for myself that benefits all of my huge group of 32 readers, lol. On December 31, I will give away a $20 Amazon.com gift code/card. For every lb I above of my goal I will add $2 to the value of the card. I will pick a random number from all the comments received from followers on any post until my final weigh in on 12/31.

Just Dance

I got my workout in tonight. I played Just Dance 2 for 50 minutes and my bugg told me I burned 341 calories. Not too bad for a really fun work-out. My challenge now is to learn the dance moves on the songs. I danced to a bunch of songs including Proud Mary, Toxic, Tiktok, Girlfriend and a few others. It was a blast. Looking forward to trying some more tomorrow.

So excited

Picked up a copy of Just Dance 2 today for my wii and I can't wait for the kids to go to bed so I can play. It will be the first exercise I've gotten this week, and the scale is really showing the lack of exercise. Am expecting a gain on Sunday. Oh well back on the horse :)