Summer Slimmin Week 4 Check In

Week four started out a bit rough with some major bingeing on Sunday but I seemed to push through it with good eating and exercise the rest of the week since I managed to pull off another loss.

Sorry for the dark blurry pic, but at 177.2 thats another 1.4 down. I've been trying on clothes that I wore back in January or so when I still was working and at the time they were getting tight but they're all too loose now. I've officially moved down from size 16 to a size 14 and hope to be sliding into a 12 pretty soon.

Water hasn't been great. I've been drinking way too much diet coke and am aiming to work hard to get back to water this week, because I can definatly see a difference in my weight loss.

Tracking food has been excellent. I did it everyday except Sunday when I gave up after I got over 2000 calories.

Exercise was great. My son and I walked 20 miles this week. Total exercise time was 455 minutes. I'm hoping to hit 500 this week.

Hope everyone elses week went well. I look forward to seeing everyone's updates.

Any suggestions on what to do with my too big clothes? I was thinking about giving them away through here. I saw someone had done that on their blog. I would just have to get motivated and take some pictures. I have a whole bin of work clothes, jeans and some capri's/shorts all around size 16 or XL. Anyone interested in them?

Last but not least, Happy Independance Day to all my fellow Americans.


karen said...

Oooooh! Congratulations on the shrinkage!!! It's awfully exciting, isn't it? I'm just getting comfortable in 16s and keep rewearing the same 3 pairs of shorts because I refuse to buy more until I get into 14s. Hopefully next summer's shorts will be 12s or even 10s! (And I can't remember the last time I was in either one!)

karen said...

Oh, and all of my bigger clothes have been donated to our local domestic violence/women's shelter. So many of the women end up being there with just the clothes on their backs at the time they were brave enough to run...

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Oh, that's a good loss!!!! That walking was worth it, huh? :) I had a regain for last Sunday, but I'm back below the week two weigh-in, so yards lost are rewon.

Let's hope this is a fruitful week on the challenge (meaning I get back to tracking food and water and portion control).

Happy Independence Day!

Hungry For Living said...

Great site! Im here from the Blog Hop! Hope to see you soon!

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