Summer Slimmin Challenge

I decided to jump onto the Summer Slimmin Challenge, a little late but better late than never. The rules and info for the challenge is posted here. It runs from June 6 - August 6, plenty of time to make some real progress in our goals and there's several options to choose from.

My goals for this challenge are to lose 19 lbs. While that may seem like a very random number, losing 19 lbs would get me to the point where my bmi is just "overweight" as opposed to "obese". That would be huge for me, or as the case may be I would not be so huge for it :)

My next goal is getting some form of exercise for at least 45 minutes a day 6 days a week. This is a big one too, I need to get a routine going and I've read it takes 6 weeks to make something a habit so these 8 weeks should be great for making exercise a new healthy habit.

My final goal is to track every bite of food that goes in my mouth. I've learned from experience that I need to do this because I need to keep myself accountable. It's the only way I'm going to lose weight, I know that about myself.

I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone does on their chosen challenges this summer, looking forward to seeing lots of success stories and of course smiling photos!!


The Better Idiot said...

Hi! Welcome to the challenge! We won't have our first check in until Sunday so I wouldn't even classify you as properly late yet, no worries. Don't forget to put either a badge or a link in your sidebar directing people to the challenge blog, and good luck with your goals!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Welcome to the challenge! I hope you reach your goal by 8/6. Let's do it!

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