A Pretty Good Day

Headed out of the house today for a hair appointment and birthday lunch with mom, her's not mine. It was nice to get out of the house and leave the kids with the hubby for a few hours. So after hitting the salon to get sufficiently blonded for summer my mom and I headed over to try the new Longhorn Steakhouse for lunch. I've never been there but was pretty happy that after checking my livestrong app, they had quite a bit of the menu choices already loaded in there. I ordered a side salad with fat free ranch and the Sierra Chicken as my entree. The chicken was really yummy, nice and moist and the tomato basil "salsa" reminded me alot of a bruschetta type topping. I did have one slice of the bread that they bring you, and actually just realized now that I forgot to track it :(
After lunch we headed to Macy's to look for dresses for 2 weddings that we have coming up this summer. I had already bought a pair of shoes at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago after being spurred on by the ones I saw in Keelies
a few weeks ago. Mine are very similar to this but without the bow. Some seriously hot shoes, I know :) But buying a dress to go with a certain pair of shoes tends to narrow the choices down. I knew I was looking for something black, and kind of slinky...or at least as slinky as you can get in a size 16. You can see the dress I ended up with here. Looks really good with my zebra slingbacks and makes me feel pretty cute amnd as an added bonus with coupons it came to less than $50. Not too shabby

So while I had a pretty good day I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get any exercise in. I had planned to take the kids for a long walk but got home later than planned and the sky was pretty grey and with the tornado warnings in place figured we'd sit today out, so my goal for tomorrow is to get some exercise in. As of right now with the forecast for tomorrow it's looking like I may have to do some dancing on the wii. I absolutly love Just Dance for the Wii. I don't think I've ever had that much fun exercising before and with the sweat I work up playing I know I'm getting a decent workout. Anyhow it's getting late and as I've mentioned before my monkeys wake up pretty earlier so until tomorrow....remember every day is a chance to make a positive change.


karen said...

Very cute dress!!! And that Wii game sounds like fun. I'm a MISERABLE dancer but in the privacy of my own home I rock with the best of them ;)

Now all I need is a Wii! LOL!

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