A Very Blurry Weigh In

As promised I did my first official weigh in in several months and I have to say I was very happy.

183.2 is a great starting point and makes me really feel like my short term goal of 174 by July 16th shouldn't be hard to meet at all. In fact I'm hoping that maybe I'll even exceed it by a few pounds and dare I say make it into the 160's?!?

I married my husband in Sept of 2007 and had done Atkins albeit half-heartedly for the 2 months before the wedding and on my wedding day I weighed 172.

Fast forward 3 months and I was pregnant with my second child who was born on my 1st anniversary. I believe that the Friday before he was born I weighed in at 221. So between Sept of 2007 and Sept of 2008 I essentially gained 50 lbs. Within aabout 6 weeks after the birth I was back down to around 190. And I've yo-yo'd from 180ish to 195ish for the last year and a half. I'm determined for this time to be the end of that string.

I think its so strange that I remember times in my life by the weight that I was at the time, the events taking place I remember also, but for example I went to London in Sept of 2003, I had done Atkins for 2 months before that trip and when I left for the airport I weighed 165. Thats the last time I can remember being in the 160's ---- Sept of 2003 ----- I was 24 years old. I thought I looked pretty good until one of the people I went with made a comment to me after we had come home about my weight.

My reason to lose weight before were mostly to be more attractive to others. My reasons now still are to be more attractive, but more so that I want to like who I'm looking at in the mirror, I know my husband loves me regardless of my weight. But also I have two small children and I want to be healthy to be able to a. keep up with them and b. be around long enough to meet their children and if I keep on the path I was on that wasn't going to happen.


Tammy said...

Your goals are totally doable, and eff that person that made a comment about your wait. Ignore the dreamsnatchers...you'll get there girl. I don't think I've seen the 160's since maybe 3rd grade? lol My goal is 170 lbs. and I'm 5'10. When I hit that # I'm moving straight into maintenance. :)

Michelle from makingmefit.blogspot.com said...

I've always wished I was taller so I wouldn't be so short for my weight, lol. Unfortunatly at 5'2 I don't have alot of room to stretch my weight out ;) My long term goal is 136, that would make my bmi(which to me is sort of a load of crap) in the healthy range. In the short term 163 would moves me from obese to just plain overweight......in this case overweight kind of has a nice ring to it.

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