Tough Days and a NSV

The past couple days have been a bit trying. I've been hungry alot more than I had been over the past few weeks and I'm trying my best not to do any munching but I haven't been completely successful, although I have stayed within my calorie guidelines for the day.

Yesterday I had planned on stopping by my inlaws with the kids to bring over my father in laws birthday cards and let the kids wish their pepe a happy birthday and then be home for lunch. Before we headed over my mil called and asked if we'd like to join them for lunch , so we did. My inlaws are both thin but they don't really eat the healthiest meals. For instance lunch yesterday was hot dogs, kraft macaroni and cheese and garlic and olive oil pasta roni. I had a hot dog, a smaaaaaalll scoop of the mac and cheese and a smaaaalller scoop of the pasta roni. When I got home to enter my food, I was in shock. I can't believe that there's seriously almost 300 calories in a 1/4 cup of macaroni and cheese. After entering my 600 calorie lunch, I was glad I had skipped breakfast.

A couple hours after my unhealthy lunch while I was writing my paper, I got that munchie feeling and instead of grabbing an apple I decided to grab a slice of the srawberry bread I had made a couple days previous and had resisted up till then. Oh yeah and of course I wanted a little butter on it....so on top of my ridiculous lunch, I chose a 300 calorie snack.
Dinner was better, salad, potatoes and pork tenderloin.

And I did go to the gym last night after class and do 45 minutes on the treadmill at 3mph with a 5% incline for a burn of 328 calories, which at least covered my afternoon snack.

Ok, enough moaning about my crappy food choices, I'm doing better today and am hoping to walk with the kids this evening and possibly head to the gym after the hubby gets home at 9.
So onto the NSV - Last night I got an email from Old Navy with a 20% off code good yesterday only, so I went to their website and ended up ordering a few smaller shirts and a couple pair of size 14 shorts, not knoing if they were going to fit me, though I know that the size 16's I bought in April for my Florida trip are getting a bit baggy. After dropping my daughter off at daycare I headed for Old Navy to try them on and they do indeed fit which is fabulous and now I know I'll have some new shorts that actually look good on for my trip next month. Very excited about this!!!


DestinedBridesmaid said...

I'm excited about our vaca!! Fish Tacos! :)

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