I'm Back

So I've pretty much been in hiding the past week and a half or so. I've had some family issues going on, nothing to serious but enough to derail me a little bit. And between that and getting my baby girl ready to start kindergarten next week things have been a little busy. I haven't been exercising or eating particularly well and it's also TOM but I decided to come back with a weigh in today anyway.

Considering that I haven't been on track I'm pretty happy with this weeks weigh-in because I know it could have been a whole lot worse.

A gain of .8 - I didn't post the week previously but it was a stay the same with 168.2.

I'm back on track now. I had set a personal challenge to myself to hit 200 miles on my daily mile tracking a couple weeks ago and I didn't even get close. I'm going to renew that challenge and up it to 225 miles by 9/7 - which is both my anniversary and my sons birthday. I'm currently at 182 miles so thats 43 miles in 11 days. It will be tough but I'm determined to hit it.


And the Winner Is!!!

Hannah from My Motivation!!! Congrats Hannah. Please shoot me an email at mparadis718@gmail.com with your address so that I can get your prize headed out to you.

Weigh In!!

Hey all - First off hello to my new followers!!! I'm a day late posting for my weigh in but spent most of the day yesterday at my cousins great big Italian wedding where there was enough food to feed a small army. I weighed in yesterday morning and while I'm seeing a gain on the scale today as a result of way too much food last night we'll go with my Friday weigh in for this week.

Weigh In was 168.2 - I'm now firmly entrenched in the 160's with this weeks loss of 1.2 lbs. I'm happy with that. Last weeks 169.4 was kind of a precarious place for me, so close to the 170's still but now I really feel like I've gotten into the 160's for good.

My exercise has been pretty poor this week. I just haven't been into it, but I'm going to ramp it up this week. I've got my eyes on 163 - which means that I will have A. Lost 30 lbs and B. Will no longer be classified as obese. I'm almost there and honestly it tastes better than any cupcake or pizza I've ever eaten ;)

As far as ramping up the exercise, I just noticed that as of today I've hit 168 miles on my dailymile tracker, so my goal is to get in 32 miles walked before Saturday the 21st so I can hit the 200 mile mark.

Lastly, please don't forget to enter my giveaway. I'll be picking the winner late Monday night, so there's still plenty of time.


Drumroll Please..........A Giveaway!!!

I had mentioned some time back that when I hit 25 followers I wanted to have a giveaway. Well I got my 25th follower on Monday I believe so here goes........

This stylish bag (please excuse the laptop opened to blogger behind it) is actually an insulated lunch bag and it comes complete with a Fit N' Fresh Lunch on The Go kit. Seriously I think this thing is like the Cadillac of lunch bag sets. It has everything you need to prepare a healthy lunch on the go.....way better then hitting the drivethru at Mickey D's which I know is one of my problems if I don't prepare ahead. I'm also going to throw in a box of Banana Walnut Gnu bars. I recently discovered these and me thinks they rock!!! They've become my go to on the run snack.

There are a couple ways to enter giving people multiple opportunities for winning as follows.

1. Follow my blog publicly and leave me a comment telling me what your favorite on the go snack is.

2. Mention the giveaway in a post on your blog and link back to it. You can do this once a day, today through Monday for multiple entries.

I'll pick the winner on Monday night. Good Luck Everyone!!!


Weekly Weigh-In

Happy Friday!! I've decided to once again change my weigh in day. Since I have two challenges I'm currently in that have Friday weigh-ins I figured for at least the next month or so I would do my weekly's to coincide with the challenge weigh ins and see if I still do as well as I have been. I do have a little concern that the change might affect my weekend eating, but as I said I'll try it for a month and see how it goes. Sooooo without further ado..........................

Woooooooohaaaaaa - I made it to the 160's!!!!!!!!

That's a 3.4lb loss!!!! So excited!! This is seriously a great way to start the weekend.


New Challenges

I love challenges. I love having even more of a reason to lose weight and get healthier and I have a seriously competitive spirit which is why with the Awesome by August challenge that Kat Does Diets ending tomorrow, I have already signed on for two more challenges.

The first is Waisting Away in The Heat hosted by Tammy at Fat to Fab and the second is Super by September hosted by Karen at Muffin Fixation.

I'm not sure if it's too late to join in on Waisting Away, but Super by September starts this weekend. Head on over to Muffin Fixation and get in on the fun. What do you have to lose? LOL.


Weekly Weigh In!!

Wooohoooo a loss! I came back from my gain of last weekend to not only take off the 1.4 lb gain but to take off an extra 2.4lbs on top of it for a total loss of 3.8lbs. Goooo me. I'm so proud of that. I had a good week with both exercise and eating and didn't feel deprived at all. I walked with my kids to the local ice cream shop and a had a cone 3 nights this week but had budgeted for that during the day. I also went out to lunch with my mother one day and choose wisely from the menu. I'm thrilled with my progress so far. I'm down 20.2 lbs since March and this weeks weigh-in also means I've taken off 10% of my body weight.
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My next goal is to get a badge for no longer being obese. I've got 9.8 lbs to go to reach that and while I know it may not happen quickly, I'd love to do that before my little girl starts kindergarten the end of next month.

I am loving my bugg sooo much. I love knowing exactly where I stand every day.