Just can't get it together

So I went MIA over the past couple weeks. I just had too much going on and not enough time or energy to do it. I'm exhausted and I just can't get myself together eating or exercising. As of this morning I'm sitting at 169.4 which is up 2.6 lbs up from my last official weigh-in on December 6th. Not even nearly close to where I wanted to be for the new year. I saw numbers as high as 172.something last week which frustrated me so unbelievably but yet I still can't motivate to really get my ass in gear and do something about it. I have been trying to make little positive changes, like drinking water instead of anything else besides my morning coffee, but the cookies that I can't bring myself to throw out keep calling to me. I know I need to throw them out but I just haven't been able to do it which means that I've been walking by and grabbing one 2 or 3 times a day. Not good.
The other thing I have going on is starting January 1st, I'm not only going to be attempting to lose my body fat I'm also going to be attempting to get my household to be more financially fit, following Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. I've done some reading and his approach makes alot of sense to me. Has anyone done this and have any feedback or suggestions?

On the first, second and third day of Christmas......

My gift swap partner Lyndsay's package finally arrived to her today, YAYYYYY!!!!

Since we're technically 3 days into the gift swap I got to open not one, not two but three gifts today - wooooohoo :)

While I took pictures of gifts 2 and 3, gift #1 was partially liberated by my hubby before I was able to take a picture.

Day 1's gift was two bags of peanut m&m's(one dark chocolate and one regular) The regular were on the counter for just a moment before being grabbed by the hubby who insisted on "trying them". The dark chocolate ones were promptly poured into this cute little guy

I love him, he's such a happy little snowman :)

It didn't take me long to rip into my next gift which was the awesome set of cookie cutters pictured below. These are perfect since I bake with my daughter all the time, and actually only have like 3 cookie cutters for the holidays and they're huge. I love that these are smaller and make much more reasonably portioned cookies.

I'm hoping that Lyndsay likes her gifts as much as I like mine and I can;t wait for day 4 tomorrow.


Weigh In, NYC and Gift Swap

I had my weekly weigh in yesterday before heading to NYC for the day with a friend and am ashamed to say my weight was 166.6 which is only a .2 loss from last week. I'm really not on track to hit my December 31st goal of 159.9 and since I woke up this morning with a bad head cold/possible sinus infection it looks like it's probably not going to happen. I'm not giving up yet though. I have 17 more days and there's always a chance that a miracle could happen.

Yesterday I headed to NYC with one of my friends for the day. The plan was there was no plan :) We were going to see how the day went and enjoy whatever came to us. We hopped on the Metro Morth train from New Haven to Grand Central around 10, arriving just about 12 and promptly realized we were both starving. Now mind you I haven't been into Manhattan in years and I knew there was going to be no good choices made on the eating front yesterday. We ate lunch at the Heartland Brewery, shared a quesadilla appetizer, had two mixed drinks and a chopped salad for lunch. Then headed out for some shopping, followed by more drinks, more shopping, an appetizer, drinks, and then dinner. We did get a chance to have a drink at the Igloo Bar at Rockerfeller Center where we got to watch people ice skatig and actually saw a marriage proposal....awwwww. Here's a few pictures from the day :)

I would be posting my gift swap pictures today except it appears that the USPS is holding my gift swap partners package hostage and I've decided that until I know Lyndsay receives hers their will be no opening on this side either. I shipped it Thursday and I feel awful that it hasn't gotten their yet. I've got my fingers crossed it will finally arrive to her tomorrow.

Thats it for now, I'm hoping the Nyquil I just took will guarantee me some good sleep tonight. Until tomorrow, sweet dreams.

Checking In

On the healthy living front things are pretty good, eating fairly well but still not exercising much (umm, at all). I've been keeping fairly busy finishing my christmas shopping and trying to get through all my christmas wrapping including my package that's going out this afternoon to my 12 Days of Christmas swap partner Lyndsay! Here's a sneak peek of her package :)
We took the kids to Bright Nights at Forest Park in Springfield, MA last night to see the light display and of course, chat with the big guy


Weigh In

The camera on my blackberry isn't working for some reason so I don't have a picture of my weigh in but it was 166.8. Not good but not nearly as bad as I was expecting, mostly because I think I got myself back on track Saturday and Sunday after a week of very bad eating. So while that's a gain of 1.2 lbs, I know its not nearly as bad as it could have been.
I'm on track so far today for eating but haven't done any real exercise since I spent most of the morning getting caught up on laundry and dishes. I'm not sure I'll get in any either since there's half days at school this week for my daughter which limits my me time alot.

Dreading Weigh In

Tomorrow's my weekly weigh in and I'm absolutely dreading the thought of it. My eating has been horrid this week and my exercise has been nonexistant, so I'm pretty sure it going to be a BIG FAT FAIL. If the scale looks anywhere near as bad as it has all week, I'll be seeing a hefty gain this week. I'm very disappointed in myself. I know I can do better and I need to because I still have a long way to go in this journey. I've got the tools to do it but the motivation is just not there.

12 Days of Christmas Gift Swap

I'm participating in a gift swap that Janna and Kenz started and you have until noon central time today to sign up :)

Here is a list of the particulars that you need to know if you plan to participate:

* You must have a blog to participate! It's important because participants will be asked to post about the event on their blogs too. We want to see what everyone receives! :)

* This swap is only open to bloggers in the US. I heart my international friends, but shipping will be too complicated at this time of year. We should have come up with this idea sooner, right? ;)

* Don't be cheap! The gifts don't need to be expensive! They just need to be thoughtful and fun to receive. Fill the package with gifts that you'd like to receive. :) Think about how you want to feel when you open your package, and add a little "wow" to your gifts. You get the idea, right?

Here are some ideas in case you need examples:
~your favorite lotion
~Christmas ornament
~favorite candy or healthy food item

Find out things about your partner...this is also supposed to help you gain friends :) Have tons of fun with it!

* Each gift MUST be individually wrapped. You can number the gifts so your partner knows what to open each day or just write a note that it's okay to open them in any order.

* The package must be mailed out by Thursday, December 9...so that they can start opening their 12 days of Christmas on the 13th...please don't be that person that sends it late...