Tired Tuesday

Yesterday went by in a blur, between working around the house, spending time with the kids, grocery shopping, school and going to the gym, there wasn't a whole lot of breathing room for me. I'm very proud of myself for going to the gym last night after class ended at 9:30 for two reasons. The first is that I was exhausted and in the past would have used that as an excuse and the second that I forgot my lock and also in the past would have used that for an excuse to hightail it back home to the comfort of the couch, but thats not my new style, lol. I headed to the gym, changed and stashed my bag in a locker figuring if someone wanted to steal my clothes, then they could have them since everything valuable was on me.
As I was leaving the locker room I stopped to wash my hands and the girl standing next to me happened to be a classmate from the class I just left. The background on the class is that it's an English class at the local CC and becuase it's summer session a good portion of my classmates are college kids either making up credits they failed this year or trying to ramp up for next year, which also means that the majority of them are at least 10 years younger than me. So this girl says hi to me and then proceeds to say,"I'm so exhausted, I'm just going to do a weak workout tonight", I smile and nod and we both leave the locker room. Meanwhile I'm thinking, "hmm sure weak workout, she'll probably be here working out alot harder than me for a lot longer" Well she did the treadmill for maybe 30 minutes and left. I did 15 minutes on the elliptical and another 40 on the treadmill. When I got on the treadmill all I was thinking was how bad I didn't want to be at the gym, but I wasn't going to let her workout longer than me. In my mind me and the skinny little college girl were in competition, and there was no way I was going to let her "win". I figure anything that drives me to workout is good even if it's slightly insane imaginary competitions in my head, right?

I'm not sure what exercise will be today. Probably a walk with my kids, perhaps so they can get an ice cream cone and some "Just Dance" on the Wii after they go to bed. I swear I love this game, it's so much fun you don't even feel like you're working out, but the sweat I work up is a pretty good indicator just how hard I am actually working out.

I'm really tired but want to make sure I get some kind of activity in. I know it's going to be a late night, the hubby's going fishing and I have 2 -2 page papers to write that are due for tomorrow night. So tomorrow is guaranteed to be a tired day too. I was hoping the exercise would help with my energy level but so far it hasn't helped at all. Any suggestions for an energy boost?


The Better Idiot said...

Nicely done! I always work out at home because I know I'll make excuses not to go the gym.

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