Weigh In

After week one on weight watchers again I weighed in today at 169.4. Not too bad considering TOM hit yesterday and I feel like the StayPuf Marshmallow Michelle.

Ticking downward

I'm not sure why I'm always so amazed that being on a plan and actually sticking to it works. I started doing WW again on Monday. As of this morning the scale had already gone all the way down to 167.4. Once again I feel in control. I haven't done much(any) exercise since my 1.2 mile jog Sunday. I'd like to go for a run but its been rainy all day and I have a sore throat so I'm just going to go to bed early and hope that a good nights sleep will counteract the lack of exercise.

As promised

New starting weight as of this morning a horrible but nonetheless expected 172. I took new measurements but it was this afternoon and I'd prefer to do them in the morning again because thats when I originally was tracking and for accuracy I want to stay with that. So that's where I am. I kept to my points so far today and I actually have 3 left which I'm pretty sure I'll use because I;m getting pretty hungry right now.

Over a month

It's been over a month since I've blogged and yes as seems to be the norm with most bloggers, not checking in means that I've been slacking off. Weigh in today 172.6, I didn't ever want to see a number that high again. EVER. And there it was staring me in the face. What did I do after seeing it, you might ask? I drank 3 large glasses of water and then I ate a big bowl of cookies and cream ice cream. Way to go, right? About an hour after that I did got out for a 1.2 mile run/walk, which showed me just how completley out of shape I've become. My endurance sucks. I can't run for very long without giving up and taking a walking break. Frankly it pisses me off. I got too comfortable and too lazy and I wasn't anywhere near the part in this weight loss process that I could afford to do that. So I'm putting this out here once again. I'm starting over. Tomorrow morning I will take updated measurements and weight (hopefully it will be less than what I saw tonight), which I will post tomorrow night and I will recommit. I could really use a challenge to kickstart this, does anyone know of any challenges being hosted that I could jump in on? I need to get my butt in gear, summers coming and with two beach vacations planned I need to get into better shape.