New Goal!!!

I signed up for my first 5k tonight!!! It's called the Union Street Tavern Trot and scheduled for Sunday September 19th. It benefits Alex's Lemonade Stand which if you haven't heard of is an awesome charity named after an amazing little girl. At this point I honestly don't know if I'll be running or walking but I know I'll be finishing it either way. I've been walking a minimum of 5 miles almost every day and 10 miles some days so I'm not to worried about completing the race. I'm hoping to be able to run at least part of it. We shall see!!!!

Checking In

I've been a very bad blogger lately. I haven't really been posting as much as I should though that doesn't mean that I've strayed off track at all. I've been wearing my bugg religiously for the last week and really love seeing what I'm actually burning in a day. Each day I'm motivated to move more and more as a result. I've been aiming for 20,000 steps a day and on my exercise days I'm reaching that, unfortunatly though on the days that I take off from my long walks I barely hit 10,000 if I'm lucky.
Eating has been good, though I'd like to get the calories a bit lower but I've been having good deficits everyday almost so I'm not too worried. For example today my calories are as follows:
Burned 3512
Eaten 1895
Deficit 1617

Not too shabby. I also hit my first 100 miles tracked today on dailymile.com, something I'm pretty proud of. I walked 10.13 miles total today and have also added crunches into my before bed routine. I'm up to 125 tonight and I'm trying to increase that at least 5 a day. I'd like to do the same amount in the morning but with the kids getting up the same time as me things just start moving too quick for me to get them in right now I think.

My peeking at the scale has told me that I've dropped the weight I had put on from the events of the weekend and I'm still hoping for an overall loss for the week that gets me back on track. I'm really hoping to hit my 10% of body weight lost this week which would mean I'd need a loss of 2.9. That sounds a bit high to me but I think if I stay on track I should be able to pull it off and perhaps even a little more than that. The 160's don't know it but I'm gunning for them.

I can't remember if I mentioned it but I'm in the Awesome by August Challenge and as of right now it looks like I have no chance to win, but I'd feel like a winner anyway if I could see 169.9 before August 6th. With my ramp up in activity I'm hoping to get there.

Weekly Weigh In

A big fat 1.4 lb gain...Boooooooo

This was tough week for the weigh in since today followed two days of food related events, a family birthday party Friday and a wedding yesterday. That being said I'm pretty sure that this weight will be back off within the next couple days but it still wasn't nice to see :(

Hello again!!!

I've been hiding out for the last week or so, busy with school and getting ready for my weekend away this past weekend so while I've been reading blogs on my blackberry I haven't posted in a whole week.
Ok so lets see whats been up......

I got my bodybugg last Tuesday and wore it for my first full day on Wednesday and I have to say I already love it though I did keep it off for my weekend in Maine as I spent all 3 days at the beach and knew I wasn't going to be getting too much activity or tracking food. I was excited to put it back on this morning though my activity was pretty low again today since I spent about 4 hours in the car.

I'm back to tracking and exercise tomorrow and based on the scale the damage from my mini-vacation doesn't look too bad. I weighed in Friday before I left at 175.2 though I accidently deleted the pic on my phone while trying to make room for more pics over the weekend, and when I weighed in when I got home today it was 175.6 - a .4 gain for a weekend of good food and drinks is totally worth it. I'm counting todays weigh-in as my one for the week which gives me a 1 lb loss for the week which is great considering.
I also had a pretty good NSV - I had bought a tankini on clearance at Target back in March or so and hadn't bothered to try it on because it was like $10 total for both pieces and when I got home and tried it on I was annoyed that I bought it because there was no way this suit was going to be worn any time in the near future the way it looked then.....but I wore it this weekend and while it still could have looked a little better, it looked pretty darn good the way it was.
I've decided to follow the lead of Whitney at Slimming Down for the Gown and Sarah at Operation Size 8 and cut out out the diet soda completely. I think I'm using it as a crutch to avoid drinking as much water as I should be and if I make the move to lay off of it totally it should help with my water intake and my overall weight loss. So thats my goal for the next few weeks, stop the soda and I really really want to get into the 160's!!!!

Summer Slimmin Challenge Check In

Sooo I'm a day late on my check-in and weekly weigh-in but we were at a family party allllll day yesterday and while I did get to do my weigh in and take a pic I didn't get a chance to post on it.

Weigh-in for the week was 176.6 - not as good as I had hoped or as well as earlier in the week, and I attribute it to way too much pizza and a couple drinks on Friday night with next to no exercise on Saturday.

But its still a loss, so I'll take it.

Water intake still stinks, I don't like feeling like I have to remind myself to drink so I haven't been getting as much as I should.

Tracking calories is on point. I didn't do this yesterday at the party, there was too many munchies stuff, a couple prestzels here and piece of bruschetta there, but I did focus on not overdoing it.

Exercise was also great I got 615 minutes of activity, mostly walking with my little guy.

I'm happy with the progress so far though I wish the scale was showing up a little lower. My bodybugg should be showing up tomorrow so I'm hoping that helps me a better read on where I actually am with calories burned.

This weekend is my birthday and I'm lucky enough to be headed away for a weekend with the girls in Ogunquit. I don't plan on tracking calories and I'm not sure if I'll be weighing in Monday when I get back or skipping a week. We'll see how I feel when I get home.

I walked just under 6 miles with my little guy this morning, temps were already around 90 degrees.
Hot weather + 6 miles = a very sweaty me


It's Getting Hot in Heeeere

It was soooo hot here today. I believe we hit a record breaking 102 degrees. Not exactly comfortable working out weather. I managed to get in two 40 minute walks today though, one at about 9am and a second at about 7pm, not exactly what I was hoping for but it will have to do. The temps are going to be slightly lower tomorrow so I'm hoping to get my 4.5 miles in between 9 and 10:30am before it gets too disgustingly hot, we'll see though as I take my little guy with me if it's too hot we'll be skipping it. I can always hit the gym after class tomorrow night.

I wanted to say a quick welcome to my new followers, 4 more and I'm going to be doing my first giveaway and I'm sure you'll all be disapointed to hear it will not be for that Bodybugg I ordered :( I do however hope to be able to pass that on when I reach goal, however long that takes.

The scale was doing some pretty exciting things for me this morning. Hopefully I can keep things in that direction through the upcoming weekend which includes a big barbeque and fireworks. If I can get the scale down to 173.7 in the next week and a half I can award myself with a 10% of body weight lost badge from the Healthy You Challenge I recently joined. Now that would be a pretty good birthday gift for myself,, don't you think?

Birthday Present to Myself

I decided to buy myself a birthday present and figured it should be something to help me on my journey so .................................... I ordered myself a Bodybugg. Now I can't wait for it to get here!!!! I'm a total gadget girl, so I'm looking forward to getting to play with it. Anyone have any tips or suggestions for me to help me use it right the first time?

Summer Slimmin Week 4 Check In

Week four started out a bit rough with some major bingeing on Sunday but I seemed to push through it with good eating and exercise the rest of the week since I managed to pull off another loss.

Sorry for the dark blurry pic, but at 177.2 thats another 1.4 down. I've been trying on clothes that I wore back in January or so when I still was working and at the time they were getting tight but they're all too loose now. I've officially moved down from size 16 to a size 14 and hope to be sliding into a 12 pretty soon.

Water hasn't been great. I've been drinking way too much diet coke and am aiming to work hard to get back to water this week, because I can definatly see a difference in my weight loss.

Tracking food has been excellent. I did it everyday except Sunday when I gave up after I got over 2000 calories.

Exercise was great. My son and I walked 20 miles this week. Total exercise time was 455 minutes. I'm hoping to hit 500 this week.

Hope everyone elses week went well. I look forward to seeing everyone's updates.

Any suggestions on what to do with my too big clothes? I was thinking about giving them away through here. I saw someone had done that on their blog. I would just have to get motivated and take some pictures. I have a whole bin of work clothes, jeans and some capri's/shorts all around size 16 or XL. Anyone interested in them?

Last but not least, Happy Independance Day to all my fellow Americans.