Scale Frustration

After already taking a walk with the kids this morning, I headed to the gym for a little cardio. After my workout I decided to check my weight on the scale in the locker room assuming since it's like a doctors scale it had to be more accurate than my 17.99 home scale. So I hop on, adjust the weight thingies and lo and behold it weighs me in at 174. Ok so thats 8lbs less than my home scale. I had a good workout but it certainly wasn't that good. Now I confused as to what I actually weigh. I think I'm going to keep tracking on my home scale, just for the ease of it but in the back of my mind for vanity, I think I'll call myself the real number. Kind of like the weight you put on your drivers license vs. your real weight.
In other news I've decided to change my weigh in day to Sunday in order to coincide with the check in day for the Summer Slimmin challenge I'm doing. Hopefully I'll see some good progress in the scale.
It's a nice day here, I think I may take the kids for a walk to get ice cream later, for them, not me. It will be a good excuse to add some more exercise into my day as roundtrip it's just under two miles, and they're certainly not going to complain about ice cream.
I feel like I'm finally getting used to this exercise/activity thing. I'm actually starting to look for reasons to go walk places and be more active. It honestly feels really good.
Between the exercise and the food tracking, I feel like I've finally figured out the tools I need to stop being the fat mom and become milf material.


The Better Idiot said...

Different scales can be frustrating like that, it's why I don't get on them elsewhere. Even if my scale is wrong, it's always wrong by the same amount so I can still track progress!

Sam said...

Haha, That's funny! And sooo true!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

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