Summer Slimmin Challenge Check In # 1

So week one of the Summer Slimmin Challenge has come to a close and I have to say I did quite well on my goals.

In the last week I've logged 355 minutes of exercise. I was aiming for 45 minutes a day six days a week which would have been a total of 270 so I actually exceeded my goal, yay me!! Considering 3 weeks ago, I may have been getting 60 minutes a week I consider this a huuuuugggge accomplishment.

Goal # 2 was to track my food daily - accomplished this one too, I tracked everything and stayed on target all week. I even tracked the whopper junior and onion rings I ate before class the other night, even though I didn't really want to admit to it.

I decided to move my weekly weigh-in's to Sundays so it would coincide with the challenge and while I did lose, so I am working toward my goal for the challenge, I didn't lose nearly as much as I had hoped. But a loss is a loss right?

I've decided to add one more goal onto this challenge for my self and thats to drink more water.

It seems that every blog I read where the blogger is successfully losing, they are drinking there water everyday. So I'm adding in the drinking water goal. My goal is to drink 100 oz of water a day. I starting workin it yesterday and let me tell you, I haven't peed this often since I was pregnant, but I'm pretty sure after a few days that will regulate itself, or at least I hope it does.


Once Upon A Dieter said...

A loss IS a loss!

I am bad at water, so this challenge has me upping my hydration, and it DOES help--it definitely has helped with energy (I may have been on the verge of dehydration and didn't know it). We've had hot, hot, hot weather and I was one of those people who maybe had a cup a day.

I gotta THINK about it, and adding fruit to flavor the water helps (some berries, some cantaloupe, the mango and pineapple didn't work as well)....

Let's do well this week, too!

The Better Idiot said...

I think it will take your body a week or so if you've upped your exercise but have only just upped your water. Especially how significantly you upped the exercise (awesome job by the way!). When I first properly upped my minutes I had to wait for a bit anyway, drinking te water will help though, if you're getting a lot of it your body won't want to cling to it so much.

Deb said...

WOOHOO for exceeding your goal. That's AWESOME. An I agree with OUAD... a loss, is a loss. Keep going!

karen said...

You're doing GREAT!!! And I really do think that your body will catch up with the exercise and water. I REALLY think that's how I pulled off the loss this week!

Weijourn said...

Well done on exceeding your exercise goal. More water is one of my goals too. It's so boring though so it's not always easy to go get some!

Miss E said...

Wow,you have to be really determined to exceed your excited goal by that much - way to go! Drinking more water will make you visit the bathroom more often as you're starting, but after a while you won't have to go as often. Keep chugging!

Traci said...

Great job!! It's amazing how much our body craves water and what it can do when it has as much as it needs. :)

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