Day 19 - Ladies Night :)

Good morning!!! Tonight is ladies night with some of my fellow mama's from PTO. We figure after all the work we put in at our kids school this year we deserve a night to relax and just enjoy each others company. I made pudding shots that I found on pinterest. I changed the recipe to use kahlua instead of baileys because that's what I had at the house already. I hope they're as yummy as they look. The recipe made 24 so I figured it out and they're about 75 calories a piece. Not too bad. I used 1% milk and reduced fat cool whip to cut the calories and fat down a bit.
Weighed in this morning at 176.8 - I had to weigh like four times because my mind kept telling me that this number was a gain. I kept thinking I was 176.6 yesterday but I was actually 177.6 lol. It was early and before coffee so it just wasn't connecting for me.
Finally back to nice weather here today. It seemed that as soon as I finally got around to putting my winter clothes away it got cold again. No fair. But we're looking at a high of 80 today and tomorrow so I'm going to make sure I get outside and enjoy it.


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