Day 12 - Heading into the weekend

Had a happy moment on the scale this morning. I weighed in at 177.8, its the lowest I've seen in 2 months. I skipped the gym yesterday because I was busy with baseball practice and other kid related activities and the kids didn't want to go to sleep last night but I am headed there right after I pick up my daughter from school today. I like going in the early afternoon right after work because it's nice to get it out of the way early on and just be able to relax for the evening. My goal for the weekend is to keep the eating in check and weigh in no higher on Monday that I did today. So a goal of seeing 177.8 or less on Monday - I know I can do it. In other news, I'm currently involved in a challenge on the myfitnesspal website. It starts today and I'm hoping being accountable to the 4 other ladies on my team will keep me in check for the next 5 weeks. Oh if anyone wants to friend me on myfitnesspal.com my id is mparadis718.
Have a great Friday everyone :)


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