Day 2....Down to business

The scale didn't budge today for the 3rd day in a row. I know that's better than going up but even a .2 lb loss would be welcome. I went to the gym last night and did 1/2 hour on the arc trainer. The myfitnesspal app on my phone doesn't have the arc trainer as an option under cardio so i track it as an elliptical. I don't know if they're the same but that's the number I have to go with. I'm actually feeling very full this morning after my breakfast of an egg with a little bit of shredded cheddar and 2 slices of bacon. I know that sounds like a pretty unhealthy breakfast but lunch is soup and a sliced cucumber so I was looking for something with some protein in it. I have trouble coming up with ideas for breakfast since I'm trying to keep my carbs lower. If I give myself a goal of around 100g of carbs a day I don't want to eat 1/2-2/3 at breakfast time. Any suggestions of good lower carbs breakfasts would be appreciated.


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