Day 1.......again

I weighed in this morning at 181.4 the exact same weight I weighed in at yesterday. My new self imposed plan for losing this weight is to aim for 1200 net calories a day once my exercise is factored in and I'm trying to stay at about 100 g of carbs a day. Sounds reasonable enough right? Today not so much. I was confronted with cupcakes and cake at work and just couldn't resist. I know, I know....it shouldn't be so hard to say no right? Well it is. Especially during TOM. Who starts a diet during TOM? Me I guess. Good plan huh? Either way I'm doing ok today on everything but carb consumption. I have a gym trip planned tonight and if I can burn 300 calories, which is pretty much a given I'll be just under 1200 net for the day as long as I don;t eat anything other than what I have planned for dinner tonight that is.


Rustown Mom said...

Ok, well you weigh a pound or two less than me. I am starting up my walking program again tomorrow. Charging up my iPod tonight...No worries here about TOM; he left town a couple years ago...good riddance to him!

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