And yet again

Here I go again...I think this is about my 10th try to get back on the weight loss wagon. Hopefully this one sticks. I have motivation other than the obvious to be healthier. Motivation this time comes in the form of 3 trips to the beach this summer and the need to actually be able to fit in my summer clothes from last year, bathing suits included because I can't afford to buy new things. Which means I need to lose at least 10 lbs before the end of June. I know 10lbs in a month doesn't seem like that much of a challange but I know it will be harder than it should be. My mind is so far removed from the idea of weight loss and daily exercise that its going to take alot to bring me back to where I was when I was doing well. Hopefully I can get there mentally faster than I think I can. On another note does anyone know of any challenges starting up? I could use something to jumpstart me.


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