What should have been Shred Day 2

Ok ok, so I should have actually shredded today, but have been busy taking care of the kids and a sick hubby, soooooo I just didn't get to it. I did turn it on earlier but into the first set of jumping jacks the screams of "MOOOOOOOOOM, Aiden bit me", from upstairs derailed my good intentions and I just didn't get back to it. I know what you're thinking that its still early but I don't get a lot of Saturday nights when my hubs is home, so I decided it would be best to hang out with him after the kids go to bed.
Anyway the pain from Shred Day 1 is definitely present but not nearly as bad as I was expecting. My quads burn when going up the stairs but besides that its not too bad at all. I was actually looking forward to Day 2 but it will still be there tomorrow :)
I figured that the best way to track my results from the shred is from my measurements which I have been keeping track of but until now have not posted on here. So as of this morning my measurements are as follows:
Waist 33"
Hips 39"
Chest 35"
Left Bicep 11.5"
Right Bicep 12"
Left & Right Calf 15" each
Neck 13.5"

I'm hoping to see some improvement in my waist and hips. I have quite a bit of belly bulge left from my two pregnancies. As my husband was kind enough to point out when I was getting dressed today, besides that area I'm pretty in proportion. Umm, thanks honey.

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend so far. I'll be back with an update on my actual Shred Day 2 soon.


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