Shred 3 and 4

I completed days 3 and 4 on Monday and Tuesday. It certainly gets easier pretty quickly, at least for me it has. I planned on doing day 5 last night but my On Demand was not working. I was quite annoyed that I didn't get to do it but I remedied that today by going to Target and buying the dvd so I have no excuses to not do it today. I'm thinking about actually trying level 2. I'm sure its much harder than 1, I hear rumors of planks.....to be honest I have no idea what a plank is I just know that I've heard much moaning and groaning about them so we'll see how it goes. I plan on doing it in a few hours after the kids are in bed for the night.
Tomorrow is weigh in and I know that I'll be up from last week, partially from the shred, or at least I'd like to think so, and mostly from my continuation of poor eating habits. I feel like I've hit a weight where I feel comfortable and I'm fitting in clothes I haven't worn in years, size 12 jeans? seriously, and I'm not being very diligent. I know I still have a long way to go but my motivation is seriously lacking. I can't figure out how to get back on track.
Any serious challenges going on? Perhaps that will help my motivation, who knows.
This weekend should be pretty busy. My husbands brother is getting married and I'm attempting to make the wedding cake. I'll post pictures when its done. I'm wearing a dress for the wedding that I had actually bought for my wedding shower and it never actually fit me, but it fits now and looks pretty cute. I'm not sure if thats part of whats mentally holding me back. I'm unemployed and we don;t really have alot of money for extras and I'm currently wearing the smallest clothes I have stored. If I lose more weight I'm going to have to buy clothes and thats not really an option right now. I know its a good problem to have but still it could be part of my lack of motivation.
Anyway I'll update later after my Shred workout. Looking forward to seeing what these plank things are :)


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