Ok ok........

Alright, this time I mean it. I am finally back in the saddle and ready to start losing some weight. From what I've see when people disappear from the blogworld for awhile it generally means that they're not on track. That's only partially the case for me. I am indeed not on track, but am not sooooo far off track that I've been gaining weight back, not really at least. I'm going to do a new official weigh in tomorrow but have been sitting somewhere between 166 and 168, which is only at most 3 lbs up from my lowest. I haven't been tracking as I should which is probably one of the biggest reasons I haven't lost weight or at least that combined with the complete lack of exercise.
I fell off the shred wagon at about workout 6 or so and I plan to get back on it tonight after the kids are in bed starting back in with Level 1 Day 1. My short term goal for the next 2 months is 12 lbs by Christmas. I have 60 or so days till then so 10 lbs should be completely possible. The number I'm aiming for is 155 and while I know these next couple months hold a ton of temptation I'm prepared to handle it and let's be honest if I make it to Christmas with even a 5 lbs loss that will be a huge victory during the holiday season.
So who's with me?


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