Summer Slimmin Challenge Check In

Sooo I'm a day late on my check-in and weekly weigh-in but we were at a family party allllll day yesterday and while I did get to do my weigh in and take a pic I didn't get a chance to post on it.

Weigh-in for the week was 176.6 - not as good as I had hoped or as well as earlier in the week, and I attribute it to way too much pizza and a couple drinks on Friday night with next to no exercise on Saturday.

But its still a loss, so I'll take it.

Water intake still stinks, I don't like feeling like I have to remind myself to drink so I haven't been getting as much as I should.

Tracking calories is on point. I didn't do this yesterday at the party, there was too many munchies stuff, a couple prestzels here and piece of bruschetta there, but I did focus on not overdoing it.

Exercise was also great I got 615 minutes of activity, mostly walking with my little guy.

I'm happy with the progress so far though I wish the scale was showing up a little lower. My bodybugg should be showing up tomorrow so I'm hoping that helps me a better read on where I actually am with calories burned.

This weekend is my birthday and I'm lucky enough to be headed away for a weekend with the girls in Ogunquit. I don't plan on tracking calories and I'm not sure if I'll be weighing in Monday when I get back or skipping a week. We'll see how I feel when I get home.

I walked just under 6 miles with my little guy this morning, temps were already around 90 degrees.
Hot weather + 6 miles = a very sweaty me


Lisa said...

Your doing a GREAT job. I would KILL to weigh less than 200... lol Welcome to the HYC.

- Lisa

MargieAnne said...

You have made some real progress. Congratulations.

To post a loss when you had been at an all day family party the previous day is pretty good.

Wishing you an even better week this time.

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