Checking In

I've been a very bad blogger lately. I haven't really been posting as much as I should though that doesn't mean that I've strayed off track at all. I've been wearing my bugg religiously for the last week and really love seeing what I'm actually burning in a day. Each day I'm motivated to move more and more as a result. I've been aiming for 20,000 steps a day and on my exercise days I'm reaching that, unfortunatly though on the days that I take off from my long walks I barely hit 10,000 if I'm lucky.
Eating has been good, though I'd like to get the calories a bit lower but I've been having good deficits everyday almost so I'm not too worried. For example today my calories are as follows:
Burned 3512
Eaten 1895
Deficit 1617

Not too shabby. I also hit my first 100 miles tracked today on dailymile.com, something I'm pretty proud of. I walked 10.13 miles total today and have also added crunches into my before bed routine. I'm up to 125 tonight and I'm trying to increase that at least 5 a day. I'd like to do the same amount in the morning but with the kids getting up the same time as me things just start moving too quick for me to get them in right now I think.

My peeking at the scale has told me that I've dropped the weight I had put on from the events of the weekend and I'm still hoping for an overall loss for the week that gets me back on track. I'm really hoping to hit my 10% of body weight lost this week which would mean I'd need a loss of 2.9. That sounds a bit high to me but I think if I stay on track I should be able to pull it off and perhaps even a little more than that. The 160's don't know it but I'm gunning for them.

I can't remember if I mentioned it but I'm in the Awesome by August Challenge and as of right now it looks like I have no chance to win, but I'd feel like a winner anyway if I could see 169.9 before August 6th. With my ramp up in activity I'm hoping to get there.


karen said...

10 miles in one day??? You're a freakin ROCK STAR!!!! I don't care WHAT the scale says ... you're doing AWESOME!

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