On the first, second and third day of Christmas......

My gift swap partner Lyndsay's package finally arrived to her today, YAYYYYY!!!!

Since we're technically 3 days into the gift swap I got to open not one, not two but three gifts today - wooooohoo :)

While I took pictures of gifts 2 and 3, gift #1 was partially liberated by my hubby before I was able to take a picture.

Day 1's gift was two bags of peanut m&m's(one dark chocolate and one regular) The regular were on the counter for just a moment before being grabbed by the hubby who insisted on "trying them". The dark chocolate ones were promptly poured into this cute little guy

I love him, he's such a happy little snowman :)

It didn't take me long to rip into my next gift which was the awesome set of cookie cutters pictured below. These are perfect since I bake with my daughter all the time, and actually only have like 3 cookie cutters for the holidays and they're huge. I love that these are smaller and make much more reasonably portioned cookies.

I'm hoping that Lyndsay likes her gifts as much as I like mine and I can;t wait for day 4 tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

oh that sounds fun...

thinspired said...

Ahh!! I'm so glad the snowman made it in one piece & looks absolutely adorable!!

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