I feel very dejected by my weekend as a whole or as I've been calling it my weak-end. I didn't try hard, I failed myself with my eating and exercising and the scale shows it. I've decided to make my weekly weigh-in on Tuesdays for now. Give myself a day to relieve some of the damage done.

I start my new job tomorrow and I felt very defeated as I tried on clothes to try to pick something to wear. Most of my stuff is too tight. Not a good feeling at all. I'm not buying new clothes so I guess I'm going to have to make this work.


Xina said...

I didn't have a good weekend either. I'm finding it very hard to get back on the wagon this time around. Part of me is being very stubborn and just screaming "I don't wanna! Waaah!" Tuesday is my weigh in day for the same reasons you stated. I think it will be good to have a little time to undo the worst of the damage. :-)

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