Bodybugg Day One

I'm so happy to be using my bugg again. I like seeing my actual calorie burn. I feel like it helps 
to motivate me. I took a picture of where I was at as of 8:30pm tonight for anyone who hasn't seen what the program looks like. My target calorie burn for the day is set at 2450 and my intake is set to 1700. I went over my intake and didn't reach my goal at this point but I still have time and I think I should probably hit the mark tomorrow.One positive I did have today was actually going over my water consumption goal. I'm using the waterlogged app to track water and I have my goal set to 110oz a day. I've already hit 120oz and I'll probably have one more glass before bed.

The weekend ahead should be a busy one. Friday nights are dance class for my daughter and then Saturday will be her Girl Scout Cookie Rally at the local mall and then our final family Christmas celebration at my parents afterward. We had to postpone part of the holiday since my brother and sister in law and their children were visiting her family in Germany for December.

I'm hoping to take advantage of the time my daughters at the cookie rally by looking for a new pair of work shoes for my new job on Monday. I wish I had the money for a shoe shopping spree seeing as their the only part of me that doesn't change in size :)


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