Weigh In

So I've gone missing again but for the first time hiding out wasn't about making the wrong choices, in fact it was about making some positive ones.
I joined WW just about a week ago and am already loving it. I love how the plan allows me to have a pizza night with my family if I want without feeling as though I've completely failed on my eating. I love how it encourages fruits and veggies by them not having any points. I currently get 29 daily points and 49 weeklies and let me tell you, the dailies are enough that at the end the week which included pizza night, a family lunch at friendly's (including a sundae) and card night with friends at our house I only used 23 of my weeklies. Not too shabby.

The end result of the week being this weigh-in:

I finally feel some sense of control again. I've set a goal for my self of 150lbs by April 15th. Thats 15lbs in just about 7 weeks. With WW I think that it's entirely possible and I'm looking forward to seeing the weight start to drop off again. I've been sitting stagnant in the 160's for way too long. I have 1.2 lbs to go till I'm no longer obese. Hopefully I'll be doing the happy dance for that next week.

Oh and in my last post I mentioned how I'm starting a new job tomorrow and my goal was to be no more than 165lbs when I started. WoooooHoooo!!! Goal met!!! I'll be starting work wearing a new pair of black size 12p that make my butt look amazing, if I do say so myself :)


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