Day 1

I made it through day one of being back into the swing of things. I didn't let the cold outside and the mountains of snow be an excuse for not exercising. I played Just Dance 2 on the wii for about an hour and it felt good to move though I hadn't realized how out of shape I had already got. I drank plenty of water and ate much healthier and in much smaller portions than I have been allowing myself.
I'm starting a new job on the 28th after being out of work for 13 months. I'm determined to start that job weighing no more than 165 lbs. I have decided that I'll be weighing in every day until then. I know, I know, weighing every day is a big no-no but in this case I don't care. I weighed in this morning and already am down to 169.2 with just one day of being healthy. I think I should be able to get down to 165 as long as I continue. I'm looking forward to going back to work because I tend to be a boredom eater and being at the house all day in the winter is not good for that. In the summer it was great, 5 mile walks almost everyday, playing outside with my kids etc. but being inside the house and not exercising is killing me.
I started today on the right track. I had a big scramble made with egg beaters, green peppers, tomato, chicken and half a slice of havarti cheese with an english muffin. It was a huge amount of food and it clocked in at around 400 calories. I drank coffee with splenda and sugarfree french vanilla coffee-mate with it. Lunch is going to be a lean cuisine steam entree, not sure what kind yet but they're pretty yummy.


MargieAnne said...

I'm glad you are back. This is really for the rest of our lives.

It takes a while for some of us to accept we will be keeping an eye on our portions, types of food we choose and the scales for the rest of our lives. Sadly we must always be aware to prevent the gradual slide into habits that took us somewhere we never wanted to go ...

It's a lifetime process. I envy those who get to goal and stay there but they are few and far between. I think we have more hope of success when we accept this is for life.

That means when we have any kind of deviation we can come back and renew, refreshing ourselves and our goals and get on with doing it right.


:Deliciously Healthy said...

Good job! Day 1 is always the hardest.

Raegun said...

Way to get back on track! I'm a first-time visitor to your blog, but look forward to reading more. I've been a bit of a winter-funk, but now that the weather is a bit better, I'm getting my second wind. Keep at it!

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