The one where I start over

I've been MIA for about 6 weeks and I'm pretty sure you all know what that means....I've been hiding. Burying my head in the sand about the crappy way I've been taking care of myself. Too many carbs, not enough exercise. No real drive to continue on the good path which has meant that I have veered so far away from all the healthy habits I had developed over the last year and resulting in a weight gain putting me at............................171 lbs. I'm ashamed that I let myself stray so far. I really thought I had learned something over the last year but apparently I didn't learn as much as I had thought. So here I am starting over. I started my weight loss journey half heartedly in March of last year and while I can't complain about the 22 lbs I have managed to keep off over the past 11 months, I'm nowhere near where I should be at this point.

As I said I've been hiding but I'm not going to hide anymore. I need to get back on this weight loss and stop using the 3 feet of snow outside as an excuse not to exercise. I need to stop eating the remainder of whats on my kids plates just because it's there. I need to stop the late night snacking. I need to move my body and remind myself how good it feels to see the numbers going down on the scale rather than up. I need to stop putting off eating healthy till the next day and the next and the next.

I'm ready.

I need to do this.

I'm starting now.


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