Weigh In

I wish todays weigh-in had been a little better but I can't complain as I know I've been slacking with the exercise the past few weeks. It was still a loss, not a huge one but they all add up right?

Another .6 lbs down. Still working on reaching my just plain overweight and no longer obese goal. I'll reach that at 163.6 so thats what, 2.6 lbs to go? I can do that. I hope to see that next week as this weigh-in was week. If I can get myself back on track I can do that.

In other news I dropped off a ton of clothes at a local consignment shop yesterday since they no longer fit. I figured I could use the credit I get from whatever sells to buy some new to me winter clothes that actually fit.

I have a night out with some friends tonight and I honestly don't plan on being too mindful of what I eat tonight but am making the effort to keep things light during the day today.

Fall has finally arrived in New England and I am absolutely loving it. The cooler weather is beautiful. I love being able to sleep with the window open and my comforter on :)

I'm walking in a 2 mile walk with both my little ones for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation on Sunday on a team from my mothers work on Sunday. Looking forward to it, besides the walk itself they're having all kinds of events going on (face painting, meet and greet with Uconn Mens Basketball Team) so it should be a fun morning. If anyones interesting in sponsoring me you can do so here.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!


Katie J said...

You can totally reach your goal next week Michelle! I am excited for you that it is so close!

Have a good weekend and what a wonderful cause.

Anonymous said...

I have your weigh-in logged! Thanks so much for playing along. Good luck! :)

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