I'm Back

So I've pretty much been in hiding the past week and a half or so. I've had some family issues going on, nothing to serious but enough to derail me a little bit. And between that and getting my baby girl ready to start kindergarten next week things have been a little busy. I haven't been exercising or eating particularly well and it's also TOM but I decided to come back with a weigh in today anyway.

Considering that I haven't been on track I'm pretty happy with this weeks weigh-in because I know it could have been a whole lot worse.

A gain of .8 - I didn't post the week previously but it was a stay the same with 168.2.

I'm back on track now. I had set a personal challenge to myself to hit 200 miles on my daily mile tracking a couple weeks ago and I didn't even get close. I'm going to renew that challenge and up it to 225 miles by 9/7 - which is both my anniversary and my sons birthday. I'm currently at 182 miles so thats 43 miles in 11 days. It will be tough but I'm determined to hit it.


:Deliciously Healthy said...

Glad you're back on track! Feels good doesn't it?

Julie said...

Good for you for getting back on track!!! You can hit that 200 mile mark!!

Sam said...

I gave you an award, stop on by! www.believeinyourself1.blogspot.com. Thanks for all you share, it makes a difference in my life!

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