Drumroll Please..........A Giveaway!!!

I had mentioned some time back that when I hit 25 followers I wanted to have a giveaway. Well I got my 25th follower on Monday I believe so here goes........

This stylish bag (please excuse the laptop opened to blogger behind it) is actually an insulated lunch bag and it comes complete with a Fit N' Fresh Lunch on The Go kit. Seriously I think this thing is like the Cadillac of lunch bag sets. It has everything you need to prepare a healthy lunch on the go.....way better then hitting the drivethru at Mickey D's which I know is one of my problems if I don't prepare ahead. I'm also going to throw in a box of Banana Walnut Gnu bars. I recently discovered these and me thinks they rock!!! They've become my go to on the run snack.

There are a couple ways to enter giving people multiple opportunities for winning as follows.

1. Follow my blog publicly and leave me a comment telling me what your favorite on the go snack is.

2. Mention the giveaway in a post on your blog and link back to it. You can do this once a day, today through Monday for multiple entries.

I'll pick the winner on Monday night. Good Luck Everyone!!!


Kimmi said...

I'm a follower! Also my favorite snack right now is homemade trail mix, I just feel so smug and wholesome that I made it myself!

Hannah said...

I follow you! My favorite on the go snack is usually carrot sticks and snap peas. I keep a few ready to go baggies just in case I have to run out the door in hurry (and lets face it that's usually the case).
I also try to keep 100 calorie snacks around too for the times I want something more salty/snacky. That way I don't stop and get fries or a whole bag of chips. :)

Morgan said...

Hi Michelle - I am your stalker, Morgan, from the Super by September challenge! Nice to meet you! And what a nice thing to find a giveaway the very first time I see your blog. Well, I will officially be following you now, and my favorite on the go snack is usually a plum right now.

Now, I don't have Twitter, but you can count on me to be on your blog like crazy to keep you going!!!

Workingmommy said...

I follow you and a great on the go snack is almonds or apple slices with some peanut butter. Quick, easy and healthy

Hannah said...

I also posted about this on my blog and linked back. :)

karen said...

Strangest dang thing ... I've been following you this whole time without officially following you! Fixed that!!!

I am NOT entering the contest, though, as I already have 2 of the lunch kits and think Tom would smack me upside the head if I brought another one into the house ;)

:Deliciously Healthy said...

I just found you though Hannah!

My favorite snack on the go snack is all natural fruit leather! I'm following you!

Julie said...

My favorite on the go snack here lately has been the cinnamon roll life nutrition bars, (if I'm at home I warm it up in the microwave) very yummy!!

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