Day 1

Today was a pretty average day except for the fact that I didn't do any exercise at all. I had planned on doing my ea active workout on the wii even though today was my rest day according to the 30 challenge. I started the challenge last Wednesday and should have had my first day off this past Friday but I had spent about 40 minutes doing some upper body stuff instead of taking the day off. Anyhow I just didn't get around to it with both kids and R here all day. I also had expected to be stripping wallpaper at my brothers new house for a couple hours tonight and that didn't happen either. I'm disapointed about the lack of exercise and there's no good excuse. I'm not going to dwell on it though, I'll just make sure I get a really good workout tomorrow. I plan on going to the gym after dropping the girl off at daycare and am planning on doing some housework while the boy naps so that should burn some calories too. I did log my food on myfooddiary.com today and while I didn't hit my target I was 350 calories below the stay the same mark, so thats something at least.

I did my first weekly weigh-in. I've decided to do these on Mondays to discourage weekend cheating. It was 193, not a good feeling. My goal for next week is 2 lbs. Hopefully I can get enough work outs in the week to counteract any potential overages at my pampered chef party Saturday.


Tammy said...

Welcome to the Beach Challenge!! We have our first weigh-in this Friday morning, so be sure to pop over to my blog and leave me your weigh-in that morning! I know you're joining the challenge late, but you still have over 3 weeks to meet the 10 lb. goal...I know you can do it!! :)

Tammy said...

Hey girl!!! Don't forget to pop over today and report your first weigh-in...thanks! :)

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