Here we go again

Here it is, the proof that I've been a complete slacker and really haven't paid any attention to my health for at least the last 6 months.
My low was 164.4 on Halloween of 2010. The last time I saw this weight was June 27 of 2010. So it took me 4 months to lose fifteen pounds and 14 months to gain it back. So by that thinking I gained about a pound a month. If I continued on that cycle I would be back at my original starting weight by years end and that is why I needed to stop it before it went way, way too far.

I tracked all my food today, including the chocolate chip cookie I had at work, even though that meant I went over my dailies by 10. I'd really like to be snacking on something now but the only person whose going to lose out from that is me and I really want to fit in my clothes again.


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