Personal Challenge Starting Weigh-In

Ok so the scale was a bit unkind this morning and was a bit higher than I would have hoped so my starting weight for my personal challenge/public contest is


This picture annoyed me when I pulled it up to post here because sitting right above it was my weigh in from 9/24 of 167.6 - so for the past couple months I have made no progress. I think that just stinks. On the other hand I guess maintaining a 25 lb weight loss is good, but I know I can do better.

I went out for breakfast at a local coffee shop this morning with a couple new friends and tried to be fairly good in my ordering. I ended up with a spanish omelet, wheat toast and home fries, water and about 3-4 mugs of coffee. It was yummy, very yummy and I finished all but 1/2 a slice of toast. The portions were not huge like at chain restaurants and it s 4 hours later and I'm still full, so I'll probably just have a light lunch later.

When I got home from the coffee shop I took my 2 year old for a 1.7 mile walk which took just under a half hour to complete. Its just about time for him to go down for nap and I'm going to run out to the store quickly so I can make it back in time to get another couple miles in before I have to pick my daughter up at school because if I don't get the exercise in before she gets out it won't happen today at all.


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