The "Oh crap I'm going to be a bridesmaid in 4 months" weight loss journey

So here we go again same old story - I'm fat and trying to lose weight. Seems like some things never change. My best friend asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding before Christmas and like an ass I waited and waited to work on losing weight so here we are 129 days until the wedding and I'm just as fat as when she asked me. I am seriously trying to work on it though. Saturday I strapped the fitbit back on and started walking. I've got my goal set at 12,000 steps a day minimum but I've been doing over 16,000 with a high of 20,229 on Sunday. I've been doing lots of laps around the kitchen. I'm planning on eating my last mini bag of cadbury eggs tonight and then I'm done with the candy. I already did away with the stash at my work that I'd been hitting on the regular. My bridesmaid dress should be arriving soon and I'm not looking forward to trying it on :(

Anyway so my weight as of Sunday was 193.5 - hoping that by next Sunday I see a drop of at least a couple lbs. It would certainly help my motivation.


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